Position Summary

The Crude Operator is responsible for maintaining the entire crude gathering system including but not limited to the following.  General Crude Gathering Surveillance, Pigging Operations, LACT SKID Maintenance, Crude Terminal Operations, Crude/Condensate Stabilization Facility Operations, End of Month Field Closeouts and One-Calls.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Monitoring and maintaining crude gathering volumes, pressures, and temperatures.
  • Monitoring crude system performance, stabilizer facility operations and terminal operations through site inspections and/or remote SCADA software.
  • ROW monitoring, leak surveying and general housekeeping on all Brazos owned property.
  • Maintaining the entire crude system operation and any asset that keeps Brazos customers crude flowing safely.
  • Monitor operating expenses, looking for cost effective solutions to maintain or repair equipment and oversee 3rd contractors/vendors providing maintenance services.
  • Maintain station equipment that includes Storage Tanks, LACTs, Level/Temp/Pressure Transmitters, Control Valves, Flares, Containments, BS&W monitors, Pumps, Motors, Strainers, Sample Pots, and Crude metering.
  • Oversee off spec oil handling, monitoring tank levels and haul water as needed at terminals.
  • Inspecting and checking 3rd Party Custody transfer LACT Operations and maintaining proper storage tank levels.
  • Work with engineering, construction, measurement operations and other Brazos personnel on LACT Commissioning, production battery connections, line filling and facility startups.
  • Monthly LACT closeouts and crude sampling (Shake outs, API determination and BS&W)
  • At all times it is the responsibility of every employee to assure the compliance of all aspects of our operation. This includes safety, environmental, construction, state and federal guidelines.
  • Must be willing to respond to call-outs on a 24/7 basis and travel as needed.
  • Adhere to company policies, federal regulations, and industry standards/guidelines


  • High School Diploma or GED, required.
  • 3-5 years of general Oil & Gas Industry experience.  Experience in Crude Operations is a plus.
  • Ability to troubleshoot various issues with valves, system operating pressures/temperatures, pumps, truck loading, LACT Units and any equipment listed above.
  • Must have basic computer and iPad skills to use Company e-mail, Company issued software (Microsoft Outlook & Excel).
  • Must be able to compile and submit daily Microsoft Excel reports to supervision and use SCADA software.
  • Liquid meter proving, witnessing and Coriolis metering experience is a plus.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

  • Use physical force to lift, push, pull and hold equipment and tools
  • Able to work in a standing, sitting, lying down, crouched or kneeling position
  • Able to bend, stoop, move from ground level to higher levels, raise/lift from ground level and lift to 50lbs.
  • React to conditions, alarms and beacons using olfactory senses
  • Work indoors and outdoors in and around industrial and electrical equipment
  • Work in extreme weather conditions around operating equipment
  • Wear special safety equipment (PPE) while working