Position Summary

The Measurement Superintendent has responsibility for the overall measurement operations of low-pressure gas/crude gathering, compressor and plant processing facilities, custody sales with gas and crude oil.


  • Promote company policies and procedures to ensure safe workingMaintain compliance with company policies/procedures, environmental, regulatory, federal, state and customer contracts.
  • Must be able to interface effectively with internal teams and customers with strong communication skills and demonstrate a positive attitude for this position.
  • Supervise and manage company and third-party support personnel (Lead Measurement Techs, contractors and suppliers).
  • Plan and organize workloads and staff assignments, review progress, direct changes in priorities and schedules as needed to assure work is completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Collaborate with operations and corporate groups to minimize system losses and troubleshoot system balancing.
  • Ensure Brazos is conducting and meeting the requirements of contractual testing, calibrating, sampling and proving.
  • Responsible for all sampling schedules and laboratory testing.
  • Primary role in setting up new meters and ensuring data is transferred to Brazos’ 3rdParty SCADAcompany and various internal team members.
  • Responsible for weekly reporting of Measurement Group activities and new installations.
  • Maximize quality and productivity in the operation and maintenance of pipeline and facility measurement functions while minimizing costs.
  • Recommend the most appropriate measurement/communication equipment, installation arrangements and inventory to maximize efficiency and profit.
  • Oversee facility and pipeline Measurement functions to for both new installations and O&M.
  • Must have the ability to respond promptly to any emergency.


  • 10+ years of pipeline and natural gas measurement such as orifice, ultrasonic and various analyzers.  At least 5+ years of management level experience.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Knowledge of Coriolis and other forms of liquid measurement and proving.
  • Knowledge of industry codes/standards and safety requirements (AGA, API, GPA, OSHA,etc.)
  • Ability to interpret and/or create various data reports, system balances and troubleshoot system losses (fuel, liquid drop out, measurement tolerances, etc.)
  • Possess technical skills and ability to start-up and troubleshoot measurement Installations and manage schedules.
  • Must exhibit excellent supervisory skills and promote positive work environment.
  • Familiar with Total Flow, ROC Software, WinCCU, PCCU programs that Brazos currently uses.
  • Knowledge in Gas Chromatographs, general I&E, programming, H2S and O2 analyzers is a plus.